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The Worst Girl Gang Ever

Special BONUS episode! Did we mention that we have a book coming out?

Our bookThe Worst Girl Gang Ever - a survival guide for navigating miscarriage and pregnancy loss is being released on Thursday 4th August. You can PREORDER NOW.

We are so incredibly proud of this book and we just know it is going to be such a lifeline for so many people who travel this difficult path of infertility and loss. We originally set out to help just one woman feel less alone in the darkness of baby loss - but now... well now we've set out to help EVERY woman in this situation.

It's time to break the silence and open up the dialogue around the topics of miscarriage and pregnancy loss. No more shame, no more taboo - lets ditch it for our children; the ones that will come, the ones that are and the ones that never came to be.

Please, please, please PREORDER NOW and once you've read/listened to it we would be so bloody grateful for a review.

In case you needed any more persuading, here is what Elle Wright of Feathering The Empty Nest had to say about it... “Bex & Laura really have pieced together the parachute we all need to help us land safely after falling into the world of loss and fertility struggles. It’s like the kind friend who climbs down into the hole with you through the worst parts, and gives you a leg back up when you’re ready to try again. Thoughtful, helpful, and a little bit sweary… my kind of manual!” - ain't that flipping lovely!?!

Thanks for listening to the podcast. Please don't forget to subscribe, rate, review and share.

Visit our website where you can find out a bit about us, read the blog and even 'purch our merch' via the online shop!

Find out more about THE PATHWAY TO RECOVERY which is designed to support, nurture and empower you following the loss of a baby as well as the TRYING TO CONCEIVE AFTER LOSS COURSE to support you through the pressures of TTC after loss. Both courses are self paced and run over 6 weeks with free access for up to 5 months. Have a look at the website to see when the next courses start. Email us to register your interest. Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

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