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by Eglantina Zingg
The Zingg

Vivir siempre con pasión con María Celeste Arrarás


María Celeste has accomplished everything in journalism, from being the first female recipient of the Emmy Legacy Award for her for outstanding achievement in Hispanic Television, to hosting a presidential debate or publishing three best-selling books.
In this conversation with Eglantina they discuss how her achievements have been the consequence of her passion for each project, from the simplest to the most important.
They review the importance of finding your strengths, and once identified, setting your own goals without comparisons with others. Understanding the power of the mind is crucial, train it and learn to control it because you can be its slave or your best ally.
My takeaway: Identify your strengths, and work passionately on each of your goals.
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Episode 2

by Eglantina Zingg