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They Walk Among America - US True Crime

A Parent's Nightmare

On this episode of They Walk Among America… Sabre Springs is a planned high-end community in San Diego, California. It’s a typical residential community where many people go to raise their families within close proximity to employment and good schools. Around 9,000 people were living in Sabre Springs in February 2002 when something destroyed the community's perceived serenity. Before then, parents had no issues with letting their children play in the neighborhood, or leaving a window unlocked in the two-storey tract homes. Children went to school and came home to play with friends, cycling their bikes past neighbor's houses, never aware of the danger lurking behind closed doors until it was too late… 


‘They Walk Among America’ is a Law & Crime podcast network production.

This episode was hosted by Nina Innsted.

Researched and written by Eileen Macfarlane.

Editing and scoring by Brad Maybe.

Script editing, additional writing and production direction by Rosanna and Benjamin Fitton.


Shadow Passage by Cody Martin

Darkest Space by Lost Ghost 

Vanished by Wicked Cinema 

The Void by Cody Martin 

Within The Void by Hill 

Rag Doll by Wicked Cinema 

Darker Days by Alternate Endings 

Prowler by Hill 

Swarm Of Flies by Stephen Keech 

Lighter Out by True Genesis 

Music Box by Stephen Keech 

Through The Looking Glass by Joshua Spacht 

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They Walk Among America - US True Crime


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