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by Thieves, Rogues, & Renegades
Thieves, Rogues, & Renegades

Dan Sickles: One-Legged Ass-Kicker PART TWO


Our look at Dan Sickles' life begins its second half in the (first) trial of the century (maybe). While on trial for murdering his friend by shooting him in the dick until he dies, he sets the tone for rich people by crafting a unique defense. Later on he owns the luckiest horse in the entire world. Then he goes to the same museum over and over. I'm glossing over a lot of details, but it's not that far off. Oh, yeah, he kinda accidentally won Gettysburg by being a jerk.

Music provided by The Bloody Seamen
"Lop It Off" from Sail Hatin'
"Red Sky" from Ahoy Motherfuckers



by Thieves, Rogues, & Renegades