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Think LOUD Podcast 08 : Kokk N Roll (Ille Bra Records, Norway)


Latest Think LOUD Podcast coming from Moss, Norway, has been recorded by Kokk N Roll from ILLE BRA RECORDS. Artwork is the courtesy of Sydney based artist Chelsie Phenix. It's a super eclectic musical journey which you will better understand if you read the artist's message below : « I recorded this mix in my studio at the middle of the night spring 2017, after a tough period in my life I really needed to dig into my record collection to search comfort in the music. This world can be cruel at times thats for sure, some times we all had enough of everything and need a reboot, for me the best way to do this is to play records and tune out from earthly chaos and into my soul. I met a lot of people from the music industry past years acting so cool never showing a vulnerable side of themselves, acting strange and jealous and so on... This sounds is dedicated to this kind of people acting like a friend on the surface talking shit behind your back. FUCK YOU BTW, FAKE ASS BITCHES ! All djs and musicians never forget : we are artists, we are supposed to be free, not doing what others think is cool and hyped, this is my message, think loud, believe in yourself and dont be afraid to be uncool or untraditional, break the boundaries, mix shit up !! You dont have to do one thing, don’t try to fit in just be yourself, that the best thing, that what's real, do things straight from your heart… Now lean back push play and feel free… life is not a party everyday ». Jonas Kokk N Roll on Facebook >>> https://goo.gl/C4UHFk Kokk N Roll on Soundcloud >>> https://goo.gl/4iCKkW ILLE BRA RECORDS >>> https://goo.gl/ah758X Chelsie Phenix >>> https://goo.gl/9CE3PN



by Think LOUD