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Think LOUD Podcast 11 : Adriana (PBS Radio, Melbourne)


Adriana is our guest for the episode no. 11 of the Think LOUD Podcast series.

 This time we fly across the Indian Ocean, direction Melbourne, Australia, where Adriana is based and is known for delivering the goods to world music’s fans.
 Melbourne has been on the radar for some years now as a hub for music & art, and surely the 40 years old PBS radio station has played a big role to nurture talents in the vibey city.
 Adriana has been a regular on the radio for the past 3 years with her show Opalakia. In the last years, Adriana played at the iconic online radios NTS, Red Light Radio, Noods, as well as respected venues such as Brilliant Corners in London. 

Very excited to share with you our first guest from Australia!

 We’re loving the eclecticism of the mix, sailing at ease between genres and continents, while keeping a warm atmosphere. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Featuring tracks from 

Best enjoyed with Melbs style brewed coffee.
 Enjoy the ride !
 >> Adriana Fb : http://tiny.cc/71113y 
 >> Adriana SC : http://tiny.cc/n3113y 
>> Opalakia : http://tiny.cc/v2ww5y (Opalakia radio every Tuesday evening)



by Think LOUD