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by Sean Jackson
THINKERS Manifesto

EP 1: Why We Suck At Thinking


In the first episode of THINKERS Manifesto, Sean Jackson explains why we struggle to think and make decisions in a society that can feel designed to distract and manipulate us.The episode begins with a test. Just follow the simple instructions. And it's worth your time to take the test seriously because Sean follows by explaining the underlying reasoning behind the test and why it works almost universally -- which is at once illuminating, and a little frightening. Then Sean dives into some important research by Daniel Kahneman that helps us to understand the two different styles of thinking we engage in and what they mean for our ability to make good decisions.We may suck at thinking ... but by gaining a better understanding for why that is the case, we can improve our thinking and make better decisions. *****To learn more and connect with the show, visit thinkersmanifesto.com.

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Episode 1

by Sean Jackson