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by Sean Jackson
THINKERS Manifesto

EP 3: How To Create the Space You Need to Think


Learn how to create the right physical environment for the thinking you need to do -- with the understanding that different types of thinking are done best in different types of physical environments.This episode begins with a story about one of the most renowned thinkers who has ever lived. What he says about his notoriously messy desk might surprise you.Inherent in his story, and said quote, is an important lesson about the role our physical environment plays in our thinking. And the advice in this episode isn't simply anecdotal; it's based on science and shows us not just how but where we get our best thinking done. Oh, and beware of your phone and laptop. They might help you work, but they aren't helping you think.*****To learn more and connect with the show, visit thinkersmanifesto.com.

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Episode 3

by Sean Jackson