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by Sean Jackson
THINKERS Manifesto

EP 4: Limitations Can Actually Improve Your Thinking (Seriously)


Learn the questions you need to ask (and, importantly, the order in which you need to ask them) so that you can get to the heart of a problem, which is the only way to actually discover its best solution. This episode begins with the story of a man whose voice has been celebrated and adored the world over. But were it not for a fateful accident in his youth, it's possible that angelic voice might never have been heard from at all.This story illustrates the power of limitations -- and when it comes to the process of thinking, limitations can actually improve our thoughts and help us make better decisions from those ideas.This is especially true when it comes to problem solving. Because you have to truly understand a problem before you can even attempt to arrive at a solution. And having a specific (and limited!) series of questions that you go through to discover the crux of a problem can be extremely helpful in avoiding dead ends, false starts, and well-meaning solutions that don't solve the problem -- and might even make it worse.*****To learn more and connect with the show, visit thinkersmanifesto.com.

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Episode 4

by Sean Jackson