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by Sean Jackson
THINKERS Manifesto

EP 5: The Power of Creative Destruction


The path to better decisions and better outcomes is paved with the creative destruction of old ideas, and this episode explains how to do it (and why you should).This episode begins with the story of a young writer who, in the days before computers and digital backups, lost all of his unpublished, hand-written manuscripts. It might have devastated his career. Instead, it catapulted it. It turns out that setbacks and destruction (even killing your darlings) can be exactly what's needed to help inspire us to become better thinkers.And when it comes to thinking more clearly and finding better solutions, this process of creative destruction is essential. New ideas need old ideas to build on, and that usually means that the old ideas get left behind (or even destroyed) in the process. But it's important to not leave this to chance. If you're proactive in executing a strategy of creative destruction with your thinking, you'll be on the path to better decisions and better outcomes.*****To learn more and connect with the show, visit thinkersmanifesto.com.

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Episode 5

by Sean Jackson