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The lectin lowdown: time to counter the fear campaign about these plant proteins

Thinking Nutrition
Thinking Nutrition

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in the potential negative health effects of lectins. What are lectins? They’re a type of protein found in many plant foods such as legumes, wholegrains and some fruits and vegetables. If you take YouTube clips and popular diet books on their word, then these lectins are harmful to human health and are a major driver of inflammation, weight gain and many chronic diseases. Of course, to believe all this, you need to suspend the reality that humans have been eating these foods for thousands of years and it is only in modern times that we have been hit with all these major health problems. But hey, we need to blame it all on something I guess and lectins seem like a great way to sell books and get website clicks. In this podcast, I’ll explore the role of lectins in the diet, the alleged health risks, and counter that with the health benefits of eating lectin-containing foods.

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