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by Thinking out Loud
Thinking out Loud

Happy People ft. Emmanuel Speaks & Henboss


An episode at least 5 years in the making, today we have the poet Emmanuel Speaks on the show to discuss his recent project THE COMPOSER as well as touching on topics such as the come up, ghostwriting, how he composes his pieces and more. We're also joined by up and coming artist Henboss, who plays us a clip from his upcoming single 'Tokyo' and he joins in the discussion with the same topics. After the interview we transition into a normal podcast and I've started the timestamps from the end of the interview. Indulge!

You can find out more about Emmanuel Speaks on Twitter @EmmanuelSpeaks_ and Henboss @Henboss

The new wave of artists - 30:10
The culture - 39:19
Separating the art from the artist - 42:30
The GOAT - 52:25
London crime wave - 59:06
Visabae - 01:07:45
Curves - 01:19:37
Speaking of Aaliyah - 01:23:35
The show moving forward - 01:25:50



by Thinking out Loud