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by Thinking out Loud
Thinking out Loud

The Thinking out Loud Clip Show Extravaganza Spectacular


Well not quite yet but sooner than you’d think, I know it was due a whiiiiile ago, but here’s that clip show that was promised to you at the start of the summer! In it I recap the show, and go over some of my favourite moments. If you fell behind and never got to catch up to the show, or just never got into it in the first place, then this is the episode for you. Don’t forget, the whole of season 1 is up here on Soundcloud and over on iTunes!

Blains Call - 03:10
Tinder Tale - 09:54
Zak vs Connor - 16:30
Robert Sylvester Kelly - 30:25
Retraction - 39:55
Favourite Hot Takes - 44:00



by Thinking out Loud