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by Jen Cort
Third Space with Jen Cort

School-based Equity Work in Times of COVID19


'I don't want us to think about it as 'on-line learning' but think of it as going into someone's home'

Rodney Glasgow, Rohan Arjune, Diane Nichols, John Gentile, Loris Adams, Priyanka Rupani, Yvonne Adams, and Toni Graves Williamson of Glasgow group join Third Space to discuss remote learning and equity work in times of COVID-19.

The Glasgow Group is a consortium of consultants providing skills, tools, and experiences through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion that enhance and deepen schools, organizations, and individual capacity for transformation.

Follow Glasgow group at https://www.theglasgowgroup.org/, contact them at worktogether@theglasgowgroup.org. register for the Institute at https://www.diversitypractitioners.org/ and learn more about each individual guest at http://www.jencort.com/third-space-with-jen-cort-guests.

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by Jen Cort