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this is bipolar


this is bipolar
this is bipolar

This episode of the podcast is being released on MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Its all about bipolar, birthdays & BIG feelings! When I asked on Instagram if anyone else gets bipolar symptoms triggered by birthdays the response was huge. I’m not alone when comes to living with symptoms and episodes brought on by this mood disorder. When I look at the comments you all left on the previous post I could see it was something that we need to talk about so I recorded a solo episode! I share stories about the good, bad and often disappointing birthdays I’ve had. I also spilled the beans about what it was like to be an extrovert, teacher and event planner that goes wild planning kids birthdays WITH HYPOMANIA. It was not always pretty behind-the-scenes.

I didn't realize how much I suffered until I really started talking about my experiences through the years. This episodes tells all of my big emotions and moods I have experienced about getting older or celebrating. The episode also covers practices that I do to that prevent or work through triggers so bipolar doesn’t take over learner ruin my day. I can celebrate that I am much better at managing my big bipolar birthday feelings and I know what I need to enjoy the day.

If you are listening and have stories or tips or practices that help you cope, I’d love to hear. DM me on @this.is.bipolar on instagram or send me an email at thisisbipolarpodcast@gmail.com. I’d love to connect.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here.It is my greatest hope that sharing journey living with bipolar disorder will comfort, educate and inspire others. If this episode or podcast means something to you, I would be forever grateful if you would follow/subscribe the ‘this is bipolar’ podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts so you stay up to date. It would also mean the world to me if you gave a 5 ️ review- this helps the podcast reach those who need to hear it most. There is also an option on IG to become a subscriber to have access to exclusive 'going deeper' episodes of the podcast. Hope to see you there.

We are all in this together.

Love, Shaley

Shaley Hoogendoorn is a speaker, podcast host and mental illness advocate who aims to dismantle the stigma around mental health and create a safe community for those that struggle. She lives with bipolar 2 and currently hosts “This is Bipolar” vlog and podcast. Shaley is passionate about educating and empowering others about mental health disorders. She has contributed to publications for Sanctuary Ministries, Psych Central and BP Hope magazine. She hosted a series interviewing women living with mental illnesses at SheLoves Magazine in a series named "Sisters in Mental Illness." Shaley is also an elementary school teacher and an event planner. You can connect with Shaley on Instagram & TikTok @this.is.bipolar or email her at thisisbipolarpodcast@gmail.com

this is bipolar
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