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this is bipolar

BONUS -Coping with Christmas: tips and tricks with Charise Jewell

this is bipolar
this is bipolar

In this bonus episode, mental health advocates Shaley Hoogendoorn and Charise Jewell talk about coping with the holidays while living with bipolar disorder. Shaley and Charise share about their experiences as well as give tips and tricks that have helped them manage and even enjoy the holidays. They tell both embarrassing (hypomanic stocking stuffing) and heartfelt stories. Shaley and Charise give you a real life insight into our lives and traditions that worked and didn't work. Charise was one of the first guests on the podcast so go be sure to listen to that episode of 'conversations with' to here her fully story. Charise is honest, kind and resilient. Her openness with her diagnosis online and in her book Crazy; A Member of a Mom Gone Mad is paving the way for all of us to bravely share our journeys.

Here are some of the tips sprinkled throughout the conversation:

~ Make a list of things that you really want to do so you don't overbook wth things that you don't enjoy but think you are obligated to because "everyone else" is.

~ Know your capacity and plan your holiday activities with in it.

~ make a list of triggers and what worked and didn't so you are prepared if hard things happen. Have a plan ready for what you can do if the same things that activate you are likely to happen at mandatory family gatherings. Be sure to listen to how Shaley deals with talking about race, gender and politics. Find a phrase that helps you diffuse the situation.

~ Find a space to take refuge when needed- even you only choices are the bathroom and car.

~ Drive your own car or find your own transportation to events in case everything becomes too much and you need to run to the store or leave.

~ Build in time for do the things that bring you joy even if they are small.

~ Be honest- you don't have to pretend to be holly jolly if you are not. Sometimes honesty actually leads to deeper conversations and connection. Chances there (many) are others feel the same.

~ Be sure to have safe people to check in with and remind you how loved you are. If you don't have anyone in mind find others with mental illness online to connect with others that understand what you are going through. Feel free to message Charise & I on Instagram and we can be a listening ear or give a word of encouragement.

and many more... this is bipolar.

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Meet Charise:

A voracious reader and aspiring writer since childhood, Charise Jewell was born in Germiston, South Africa, and immigrated to Canada when she was seven years old. She holds an Honours B.Eng. in mechanical engineering from McGill University in Montreal, and worked as a robotics engineer for fifteen years before becoming a writer. She proudly lives with bipolar 1 mood disorder and educates for the fair and dignified treatment of the mentally ill. Charise lives in Toronto with her husband and three children. Find out more about Charise and her books at www.charisejewell.com

You can also follow her on Instagram @reesechaell

this is bipolar
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