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this is bipolar

Conversations about Bipolar and the Workplace Pt. 2 with Brandon @therealbruss

this is bipolar
this is bipolar

Part 2 of ‘conversations about bipolar & the workplace’ with returning favourite, rapper and content creator Brandon @therealbruss.

In this second episode, mental health advocates, Shaley and Brandon talk about how living with bipolar has and continues to affect their experiences with work. They talk about further about there experiences managing bipolar at work. They not only share ideas to help symptoms at work, they share thoughts on how with education and understanding employers can really tap into the strengths of employers with bipolar disorder. These two advocates hope talk about the need to empower yourself and embrace your worth and identity beyond work. Shaley and Brandon didn't realize how much they needed to be seen and heard by another person walking a similar path. They were so immersed in conversation that it is a long one so go listen to part . Shaley and Brandon hope starting this hard conversation will educate, comfort and validate others.

this is bipolar...

As always, we talk about hard and messy mental illness topics. This episode could be activating so please take care of yourself. The episode is always here if you need to have breaks to take care of yourself.

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About Brandon: B. Russ (he/him/his) is a rapper and content creator with bipolar 2. Diagnosed in 2017, he’s spent the last few years using social media as a tool to normalize conversations around mental illness. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, he’s currently working on new music that will speak to his struggles with bipolar and addiction. You can connect with B. Russ @therealbruss on Instagram and TikTok.

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this is bipolar
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