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this is bipolar

CONVERSATIONS WITH- Birdy, Writer & Content Creator @birdies.bipolar.brain

this is bipolar
this is bipolar

In this episode on 'Conversations With", mental illness advocates Shaley Hoogendoorn and Birdie of @birdies.bipolar.brain have a real and authentic conversations about their experiences living with bipolar disorder. Birdy shares about what life looked like before and the events that led to her mood disorder diagnosis. Despite her diagnosis, it took Birdy until many years to fully embrace and start managing her bipolar disorder. She also discusses how the illness causes her to struggle with past jobs and work.

I am so grateful for Birdie's advocacy and her willingness to talk about openly and honestly about symptoms like hypomanic anger, deep depression and suicidal ideation. You can follow along and connect with her on Instagram @birdies.bipolar.brain. Birdie’s story will not only comfort others, it will give others the hope and courage to seek help.

This is bipolar...

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Meet Birdie:

Birdie is a mental health advocate, writer, and content creator. She has made it her mission to bring awareness to mental health disorders with a comedic twist. You can find her on instagram @birdies.bipolar.brain where she showcases what it’s like living with Bipolar 2 disorder, anxiety, and ADHD. Her goal is to help end the stigmas surrounding mental health disorders.

this is bipolar
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