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this is bipolar

CONVERSATIONS WITH- Gabe Howard, Author & Host of Inside Bipolar

this is bipolar
this is bipolar

In this episode, Mental Illness advocate Shaley Hoogendoorn chats with Gabe Howard, host of Inside Bipolar and author of 'Mental Illness is an Asshole'. Gabe is such a vibrant Bipolar Advocate, he tells his story in such an honest and straightforward way. He is passionate about his message that with help we can do great things despite our bipolar disorder. He talks about how he sets himself up for success by being honest about what he can do well and is not afraid of asking for the help he needs. They talk about how we celebrate our ‘wins’ and accomplishments out loud to drown out the stereotypes and misconceptions that society has about living with bipolar disorder. Gabe went from writing a small blog to writing a popular book and becoming a sought after speaker all over the US and world. Gabe hopes that by showing up and continuing to advocate, others will know that they can reach their goals. He hopes they too can feel free to share their talents and hard work with the world.

This is an authentic conversation between two people that know what it is like to live well with bipolar for many years. Gabe and Shaley think that showing up and living everyday with bipolar disorder is an accomplishment and asking for help is necessary and brave. We are all in this together.

this is bipolar...

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Meet Gabe :

Gabe Howard is the host of Healthline Media’s Inside Mental Health podcast, author of Mental Illness is an Asshole, and an award-winning speaker. He was diagnosed with bipolar in 2003 after being committed to a psychiatric hospital.

He received a resolution from the Governor of Ohio naming him an “Everyday Hero” and had the distinct honor of speaking at Oxford University in England.

Learn more at gabehoward.com.

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Gabe Howard’s Website: https://www.gabehoward.com/

Inside Mental Health podcast: https://www.healthline.com/health/podcast/psychcentral

Inside Bipolar podcast: https://www.healthline.com/health/podcast/ibp

Mental Illness is an Asshole (signed – direct from author):


Mental Illness is an Asshole (unsigned available on Amazon): https://www.amazon.com/Mental-Illness-Asshole-Other-Observations/dp/0974133744

this is bipolar
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