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this is bipolar

CONVERSATIONS WITH JAS Duvall, Host of ”The Bipolar Badass” Podcast

this is bipolar
this is bipolar

In this episode of 'Conversations With", Mental illness & bipolar advocates, Shaley Hoogendoorn and Jas Duval @the_bipolar_badass have a raw and real conversation about what it’s like to live with bipolar disorder, suicidal ideation and how it affects every day life. Jas is open and honest about a manic episode that resulted in a sudden cross country move with only $500 to her name. She also shares how she has a second diagnosis of ADHD along with her bipolar diagnosis and how that affects her work life. Bipolar is a tricky illness and symptoms vary from person to person, Shaley and Jas are both on a mission to educate those that love folks living with bipolar disorder and comfort and connect with those that experience it. Jas is not only inspiring, she really is badass and I'm so grateful for her and what she puts out into the world.

this is bipolar...

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about Jas:

Jas Duvall, aka the Bipolar Badass, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder for 2 years, but at 30, has been struggling with bipolar symptoms for much longer. She pushes the importance of early intervention so others don’t suffer the same way she did, without care. At her day job, Jas is an engineer and manager. In her spare time on the internet, she encourages other women with bipolar to take a step into their most badass lives. Focusing on alignment, Jas helps you vision and plan soul aligned career, relationship, and personal goals. You can find her @the_bipolar_badass on Instagram. Don’t hesitate to shoot a DM!

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this is bipolar
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