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this is bipolar

CONVERSATIONS WITH- Michelle I. Gomez, Multipassionate Artpreneur

this is bipolar
this is bipolar

In this episode, mental illness activist, Shaley Hoogendoorn talks with Artpreneur Michelle I. Gomez. Michelle shares her wild journey being diagnosed and living with bipolar 2 disorder as well as what it’s like to be a multi-passionate Artist turned Artpreneur. Michelle talks about how finding out she had bipolar 2 disorder disrupted her life as a coach and how she had to get well, pivot and rebuild her herself and her career. Shaley and Michelle also describe in detail how they have experienced grandiosity as well as overwhelming anger in hypomania. They also give insight into what helps them get through without destroying their close relationships. We love hearing about Michelle's talent and purpose in helping neurodivergent women turn their passions into successful businesses. Her approach is different and unique in the business world because she puts a huge emphasis on always honouring mental health first. Everything about Michelle is fun, authentic and brilliant! Her advocacy for those of us living with bipolar disorder is inspiring and encouraging.

This is bipolar...

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Meet Michelle: Michelle I. Gomez is a multi-passionate Artist turned Artpreneur who lives with Bipolar Disorder 2! With a relentless focus on mental health, she empowers creative entrepreneurs to thrive in life, love, AND business.

After founding her own successful art business - Creative Unions Event Design, Michelle transitioned to coaching neurodivergent women artists. Her ‘Artist to Artpreneur’ program has empowered over 300 artists, guiding them to financial success through emotional intelligence coaching. Michelle is also the Founder of ‘The Mental Wealth Network,’ offering monthly mental health workshops and support to neurodivergent multi-passionate Artpreneurs, helping them prioritize well-being in their businesses. In 2024, Michelle will launch a divergent love coaching program for “bichotas”, artists, and all kinds of women-identifying divergent thinkers.

Join Michelle on a journey to true wealth - where healing happens in life, love, AND business - by following her and sending her a DM on Instagram @michelleigomez.

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this is bipolar
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