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this is bipolar

Mothering with a Mood Disorder -UPS & DOWNS of Parenting with Molly Novak & Joanna Imoo

this is bipolar
this is bipolar

In this episode mental illness advocate, Shaley Hoogendoorn sits down with Joanna Imoo and Molly Novak to talk about mothering with a mood disorder.

The episode gives great insight to two different experiences as parents. Joanna is a Mom of five kids that she homeschools and Molly is a single parent that shares custody and works as an attorney. The way they both care for their children, themselves and manage their bipolar disorder is encouraging and inspiring.

Molly and Joanna talk about how they received their diagnoses and the events leading up to that time. Both believed it important to tell there children and they speak to how they did so and how heir children reacted.

Joanna and Molly candidly tell about their experiences being activated and/or triggered by parenting situations, how they handled it and what they might have done differently. They also share how their symptoms, episodes and reactions effect their roles as mothers. They broke down how this looks in both mania and depression. Both women share valuable strategies and practices that help them manage their bipolar disorder and be the best parents they can.

Shaley, Joanna and Molly hope that this episode will encourage others if they hope to have children in the future. Please know that those living with bipolar disorder know that with treatment, management and a support system you can have children and be wonderful parents.

We have an extra exclusive episode with Molly and Joanna had about the best ways family and friends can support parents living with bipolar disorder! If you want to hear the bonus conversation please sign up to be an Instagram subscriber.

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Meet Molly:

Molly is a mom to a 7-year-old girl who she has joint custody over, making her a single mom half the time. She is a lawyer, practicing public defense. Molly can often be found snuggling her cats, practicing her dance moves, or whipping up a new meal in the kitchen. Her & her daughter love exploring new places, hiking, and doing art together.

Meet Joanna:

Joanna was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Her parents immigrated from China in the 1950’s and were a part of the Chinese immigrant group that grew and sell local vegetables in the Lower Mainland. To this day, she still loves working in her garden and being close with the earth. She now lives with her husband, 5 kids (ages 8-16) and mini schnauzer in Surrey, BC. She spends her time homeschooling her kids, volunteering with the local homeschooling community and serving the church. When she needs to unwind, she enjoys reading, writing and long walks. In November 2022, she was diagnosed with cyclothymia.

this is bipolar
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