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this is bipolar
this is bipolar

I am beyond excited to share a REUNION conversation with mental health advocate, artist, author and the bipolar bestie I started the podcast with! It was so powerful to be back together and talking about all the things bipolar!!!!

Julie gives us a deep dive into the ups and downs this past year. She bravely shares with us her grief around losing her dad. It was such compelling convrsation. I loved learning new things about Julie and hearing how she is managing her bipolar disorder through it all.

As always, Julie showed up as her real, vulnerable and wonderful self. We even get some not-yet-shared-on-the-internet updates about her current TILDA WHIRL BOOK!!!!!! This conversation was balm to my weary soul. Julie is one of my absolute favourite bipolar besties and I cannot wait for you to hang out with us for our reunion convo.

This is bipolar...

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This is JULIE:

Julie Kraft is a Canadian author, artist, and mental health advocate devoted to spreading awareness and shattering stigma. Since her bipolar II diagnosis in 2010, Julie has come to a place of fully embracing her bipolar mind- she credits it with allowing her to live a vibrant and full life. Julie is thrilled to have published her memoir, The Other Side of Me, and a children's book, Tilda Whirl- both in an effort to start the conversation on mental health at all ages. She has contributed to publications for Psych Central, Psycom, and BP Hope magazine. Julie was the previous co-host of the ‘This is Bipolar’ vlog and podcast.

Instagram - @this.is.bipolar (podcast/vlog) Facebook - thisisbipolar Instagram - Julie.kraft.author Website - www.juliekraft.com (a one stop shop for everything - all social links, past work, resources, including the best links for both of my books)

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this is bipolar
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