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Are you a Premium Bond winner or loser?


Have Premium Bonds turned you into a savings winner, or are you one of the losers who have been missing out on prizes for years?

On this week’s podcast we dive into Britain’s beloved savings lottery, looking at who holds the most Premium Bonds, who wins and who doesn’t.

NS&I revealed exclusively to This is Money this week that an astonishing 43 per cent of bonds are held by just 4.3 per cent of savers – that’s £56billion out of the £107billion total.

Or to put it another way every £2 out of £5 saved belongs to less than 1million savers out of a total 21.4million.

That may go some way to explaining why close to three-quarters of Premium Bonds savers haven’t won a prize in 14 years.

Georgie Frost, Lee Boyce and Simon Lambert dig into the statistics, deliver a theory on how much you might need to hold to bag at least one prize a year, and look at whether Premium Bonds are worth having.

They are certainly popular and that’s why Nationwide has launched a savings lottery – is that worth signing up to as well?

In crypto corner this week, we discuss the crash, the rebound and the slump again, along with banned adverts and Chinese crackdowns: is this the end of the recent hot phase or just another average week for bitcoin to take in its stride?

Also, on the show, paying bills with commemorative coins – and what legal tender really means, why self-storage is the latest thing in short supply and who is investing’s Czech Sphinx?



by This is Money