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Is working from home here to stay and how do you make a career leap?


On Monday, we take a step towards normality – you can get your hair cut, have a beer outside at the pub and visit a clothes shop.

But what about the future of the office? Will we ever go back full-time, or is a hybrid model more likely – and if you're tempted by a shed office, what should you look out for?

On this week's podcast, Lee Boyce and Georgie Frost discuss the future of work and the pros and cons of WFH life, including the 'shoffice.'

Elsewhere, should you claim home working tax relief and how much could you get for doing so?

And what can you do if you want to change career, whether that is a huge leap or a 'bridging' one.

Plus, are workers heading for a horrible shock when it comes to retirement and what can be done to navigate it?



by This is Money