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Should the stamp duty holiday be made permanent?


Rumours are swirling ahead of the Budget that Rishi Sunak will extend the stamp duty holiday by three months?

The idea is that this would help stop the collapse of chain after chain as buyers pull out, renegogiate or have to find more money if they miss the deadline.

The excuse being given is that conveyancing delays are holding up sales.

But wouldn't a three-month delay just kick the can down the road by another 12 weeks and lead to another cohort of buyers potentially affected?

Would it be better to just make the stamp duty holiday a permanent vacation? 

Cut the tax properly, with no time limit, accepting that high stamp duty tax is a barrier to people moving?

On this week's podcast, Georgue Frost, Grace Gausden and Simon Lambert discuss the stamp duty break, whether it was a good idea and whether it should be extended or the tax cut altogether.

Also this week, Grace fills us in on the latest Grace on the Case and Simon puts forward his idea for improving Isas.

And finally, you might be bold enough to book an overseas holiday but would you be brave enough to start a travel company now?



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