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by Stefania Romeo, Katherine Griffiths, Virra
This Life Explains It All

Ep 57: What Is Your Relationship to Money? With Selina Gray


In this conversation, we talk to Selina about:

  • Her incredibly moving story on her life and what led her to become a financial empowerment coach
  • Why our relationship to money matters so much and the misconceptions around it
  • The energetics behind unhealthy patterns with money (overspending, underspending, relying on money for a sense of self)
  • How our subconscious limiting beliefs are tied to our relationship to money
  • Abundance - what it means and how it can apply to many different things, not just financials.
  • The steps we can take to call more financial abundance into our lives

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Episode 57

by Stefania Romeo, Katherine Griffiths, Virra