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by alekxandria
This Proletarian Life

Leftist Origins Stories 2: Ben & Micah


Hi, hi, hi, hi! We have another two set of leftist origins stories on This Proletarian Life. Today we have Ben and Micah on to share their stories about how they both escaped reactionary and fascist thinking, then became Marxists. On this episode, I played around a bit with the format and mixed both stories together throughout. ALSO I tried to mute a bunch of my laughing in the background, but there's only so much editing that can be done, haha. Ben and Micah were both great to talk to! Let me know what you think about it in my DMs on twitter (@neuralekx)! Thank you for listening. :)

Find Ben at www.twitter.com/SovietGanjaFarm and @nordic_mlm on Instagram.

Find Micah at www.twitter.com/smthngthftsme

Music included in this episode:
"Where I'm From" -- Onra
"Middlesex Times" -- Michael Andrews
"Dream of Her" -- Kudasai
"Napoleon Hangs Up The Phone" -- John Swihart
"Sway, Sway" -- Heinali
"Myrrh" -- Coubo
"New Year's in Guang Zhou" -- Onra
"Stay With Me" -- Onra
"Intro" -- The xx
"You" -- Gold Panda



by alekxandria