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by alekxandria
This Proletarian Life

Leftist Origins Story 5: Grant


Howdy friends! It's been another minute since I've uploaded an episode. Whew, I was able to get through the school semester and holiday season! 

Hope you all enjoy this episode with our friend and comrade Grant -- revolutionary parent, organizer for the Korean Friendship Association Scotland (https://korea-dpr.com/kfa.html), and musician! You can find Grant on twitter with the handle @ScotStalinist! It was a lovely time speaking with Grant. I actually had to edit a lot out because we had such a fun time and kept going off on little tangents. :P Also tiny shoutout to @BarxistLemonist on this episode, lol.

Music included in this episode:

"New Years in Guang Zhou" -- Onra

"Middlesex Times" -- Michael Andrews

"Zoetrope" -- Joep Beving

"USSR Anthem Trap Remix" -- Aylo

"Memories From 1968" -- Onra

"Sleeping Lotus" -- Joep Beving

"Summer 78" -- Yann Tiersen

"The United States Has No Conscience" -- Bamboo Spine (Grant)

Hope y'all have a happy new year! Stay well and solidarity forever <3 



by alekxandria