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by alekxandria
This Proletarian Life

Leftist Origins Story 6: J & Jose


Hi friends and comrade! Thanks for tuning back into This Proletarian Life. Hey, we made it on the other end of this wacky month. Today we have two stores, from J and Jose -- both comrades who I met on discord through podcast projects! I hope y'all enjoy this episode and are off to a healthy start to 2020. 


  • "Internationale" (https://www.marxists.org/subject/art/music/index.htm) <p> </p>
  • "I Wanna Go Back" - Onra <p> </p>
  • "Etude" - Joep Beving <p> </p>
  • "Between the Buttons" - French 79 <p> </p>
  • "Joeira" - Kurup <p> </p>
  • "Kerala" - Bonobo <p> </p>
  • "The Light She Brings" - Joep Beving <p> </p>
  • "Where Is My Mind?" - Maxence Cyrin <p> </p>
  • "TBH" - bonjr <p> </p>



by alekxandria