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by alekxandria
This Proletarian Life

Revolutionary Poetry #2


Hi. Welcome back to This Proletarian Life, our second Revolutionary Poetry episode! Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope you enjoy all of these poems as much as I do! Thank you a ton to all of our comrades who performed these excellent pieces to share. Also thank you everyone for your patience as I edited this.

Works Performed:

Self written piece by Banks

A quote about poetry by Connoly (performed by Banks; @Banksy1917)

“Conversation with Comrade Lenin” - Vladamir Mayakovsky

“Yuri Gagarin” - Tahir Ghani

“The Ballad for the Death of Gagarin” - Nicholas Guillen (Performed by J Martel)

“Resistance in the Ghetto” - Jacob Glatshteyn (Performed by Talia; @Leela1917)

“The Lead Plates at the Rom Press” - Avrom Sutzkever (Performed by Avrom Sutzkever in Yiddish;  translation performed by Jake Edgar; @Challah_Comrade)

“Good Morning Revolution” - Langston Hughes (Performed by Ethan; @Utopologist)

“Here Lies a Communist Soldier” - Suh Ji-moon (Performed by John; @Commissartist)

“El Chino” - Lisa Yun (Performed by Hannah Tiên; IG @hihannahtien)

“Old Hannah” & “Western Plains” by Lead Belly (Performed by Ian; @Chairmandedede)

“My Samchun in the Grocery Store” - Ishle Park (Performed by Alekx)

“September” - Geo Milev (Performed by Aleks; @AleksKrasnaya; translation: https://geomilev.com/pdf/September_by_Geo_Milev.pdf)

Music included:

“Saturday Morning” - Joep Beving

“Between the Buttons” -French79

“Dana, Dana,” “Shma Israel” - Pavel Levin

“Mrs. Ho” - Onra

“Midwayer” - Joep Beving

“Technicolor” - kudasai

“Good Morning” - Coubo

“Light (Instrumental)” - Odesza

“Reflection #2,” “Wanderlust” - Joep Beving

“Kunasagi” - Odesza



by alekxandria