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by Daniel Hedger
Too Much of Not Enough: A Silverchair Podcast

Repost: Tuna in the Brine


Don’t get too excited but I’ve just uploaded a mini-episode that’s essentially a repost of the Tuna in the Brine section from the first Diorama episode. Those episodes were really long and I noticed fewer people listened to the second one so I figure maybe some people didn’t finish the first one either — but it just so happens that’s where the Tuna in the Brine stuff was. Anyway, if you happened to not make it to the end of that episode and you missed the Tuna in the Brine talk, here is in a nice 20-minute package. And if you did hear it, well, it’s here to listen to again in a more convenient way if you care to. Hopefully the next update is a bit more substantial than this one!

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by Daniel Hedger