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Too Peas In A Podcast Mandy Hose and Kate Jones

Chrissy talks about Gigi Bib


Kate and Mandy speak to Chrissy - a Pea, entrepreneur and founder of Gigi Bib - the world's only one-handed, wake-proof, accessorisable baby & toddler bib range!

Chrissy founded Gigi Bib following the birth of her three-year-old daughter Gigi, who was born with a rare genetic condition called Mosaic Trisomy 20. Gigi was a tricky sleeper who could take up to six hours to settle and would often only fall asleep with a bottle. As Gigi would dribble a lot while feeding, she would still need to wear a bib, which was then hard to remove without waking her. Chrissy needed a simple, quiet way to remove her bib that didn’t make any noise or disturb her, and decided to develop it herself!

After two years of research and development, the Gigi Bib range has now launched and is available to buy via their website. Chrissy is also aiming to develop products to assist adults with disabilities and to launch a foundation to support people living with rare diseases.

Chrissy also shared her story of searching for a diagnosis for Gigi, where she needed to consistently question and challenge the specialists involved in her care to address and diagnose Gigi’s condition properly. She encourages all parents to feel comfortable in trusting their own wisdom, asking questions and keeping in mind that doctors are human and don’t always get everything right.

A huge shout out to Amy too – Gigi and Mandy’s daughter Molly’s mutual support worker and the reason why Chrissy and Mandy know each other!


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