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Too Peas In A Podcast Mandy Hose and Kate Jones

Snap Pea 31


Kate and Mandy are back with a lockdown 6 Snap Pea episodes with a couple of your nourishing and inspirational speakpipes!

But first, they run through some pea-keeping including checking out the updated Too Peas In A Podcast website. It’s a “proper website” where you can listen to all the episodes, order The Invisible Life Of Us and the booklet, contact Kate and Mandy and also voluntarily donate to the show if you can! Check the merch shop too and buy a signed copy of the book and all of our great merch, and if you can, make sure you buy a copy of The Invisible Life Of Us so that it stays on the shelves and can get to all the extra Peas out there who would benefit from reading it!

During Kate’s Laugh, Cry and Make A Difference, she shouts out excellent Falls Creek establishments Elk At Falls and Frueaf Village – book a trip and tell them Kate sent you!

During Mandy’s Laugh, Cry, Make A Difference, she mentions Kurt Fearnley’s new podcast You Little Ripper - your daily dose of Paralympics for the Tokyo Games and gives a big shout out to the Melbourne Inner East Special Olympics Club for organising Molly’s access to her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. She’s also loving new Apple TV show Ted Lasso!

Melbourne Forecast for Thursday August 26 –Cloudy, 13 degrees

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Episode 6

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