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by Michael Locasto
Top of Your Game

Doing the Work For Deeper Awareness with Logan Jones


Your perspective and level of awareness affect every experience you have! Yet so many of us still are walking through life unconscious of how our perspective uniquely shapes how we perceive the world. In this episode, our host Michael is joined by friend and previous colleague, strength and conditioning coach Logan Jones! These two share their common experiences working with the Arizona Diamondbacks, as well as their journeys with self-awareness. Tune in for questions you can ask yourself, and ways we all can learn to connect with ourselves and dive into deeper awareness!

01:00 Meet Logan Jones!

02:00 What got you into strength and conditioning?

04:50 How have you grown on your journey from the first day working with the AZ Diamondbacks to today?

11:00 What has been some of the work that has helped you strengthen your awareness?

16:40 The strength and conditioning principle applies to everything in life.

19:15 How do you make the conscious decision to be in a space of love?

23:00 The experience that sparked the desire to recreate myself.

26:40 Are there specific moments that ignited your desire to be self-aware and come from a place of love?

33:50 How do you keep your focus on the present moment?

39:15 Ask yourself, what does your best self look like? How do they show up?

44:00 What is keeping us from being in alignment with our best self?

47:10 What is your relationship with your “low self”?

51:00 How would your world change if you stopped labeling experiences “right” and “wrong”?

58:50 The power of awareness and owning the feelings we create within ourselves.

01:06:20 How can we protect ourselves from the energy of people around us?

01:11:00 What is your relationship with fear?

About Logan

A Guilford College graduate, Logan Jones, is in his fourth year with the Arizona Diamondbacks as a strength and conditioning coach. While at Guilford, Logan earned his degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences & Health Sciences and was a member of the Quaker’s baseball team. He completed strength and conditioning internships at the University of Kentucky and Wake Forest University with a variety of sports including volleyball, soccer, track & field, field hockey, and baseball. With the Diamondbacks, he is assigned to the Class-A Visalia Rawhide located in Visalia, CA. Logan is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA, a Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting, and a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Arizona.


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Episode 116

by Michael Locasto