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by Michael Locasto
Top of Your Game

PART ONE: Being the Hardest Worker in the Room with Ryan Atkinson


The journey to becoming a professional baseball player is a lot like any other part of life you want to become successful at! It’s consistent work, being coachable, and having fun along the way! After all, the journey, whether it’s being a professional baseball player, or a business owner, or mastering a skill, it’s in the work of becoming better that life is happening and memories are made! Tune in to hear Ryan’s story of becoming a professional baseball player, detours he had along the way, and what it felt like being able to live his dream!

02:00 We’re hard-wired to push back from painful feelings.

06:30 Is there a place or benefit of “having an ego”?

09:15 How can I show up and bring my entire self to my interactions?

10:30 What did “cool” look like for you as a kid?

14:40 From college baseball to being signed by the AZ Diamondbacks!

20:00 Having 5 days to prepare for tryouts!

23:15 What was that moment like hearing the Diamondbacks wanted to buy your contract?

26:00 The beginning of a career as a professional baseball player!

30:00 What did it feel like being in the room with high level athletes and realizing your dream?

33:15 Finding a groove as the 5th starter and building success!

36:00 Moving up in the Minors!

40:00 Playing in the Arizona Fall League!

43:00 What advice do you have for athletes that want to play in the minors and major league baseball?

46:00 Getting into the details and becoming a professional in the game!

48:15 What was your first big league experience of spring training?

51:00 Lessons and benefits of transitioning from starting to the bullpen.

53:30 What was your experience like overcoming the need to be the hardest worker?

58:00 The power of embracing meditation and slowing down.

About Ryan

One to motivate, one to drive, one to grow and become greater than his circumstances. A loving, caring, passionate, and ambitious man who seeks failure, to learn and experience from. Spreading his wealth through performance of strength and nutrition, inspiring others through his life experiences. Ryan is a former AAA baseball player with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He is currently the co-owner of Performance House Gym in Newport, KY.

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Episode 119

by Michael Locasto