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by Michael Locasto
Top of Your Game

PART TWO: Training the Mind with Ryan Atkinson


Mindset affects every aspect of life. In this special part two episode with guest Ryan Atkinson, we’re diving into the power of training our mindset. Ryan is a former professional baseball player turned entrepreneur. In this episode, both our host Michael and Ryan share the power of being present, being able to sit with the uncomfortable parts of ourselves and the power that comes with the combination of self-love and personal growth. Tune in to hear how meditation and presence apply to the game, but more importantly, how they apply to life.

00:40 Recovery is necessary, both physically and mentally!

03:00 Listening to your “feel-good meter”.

06:50 How can I get into flow state?

08:30 How does practicing being present affect your game?

13:00 Meditation is “becoming familiar with”.

16:20 What is your relationship with anger?

19:00 How can we train our emotional state of being?

23:00 Are you chasing an outcome or a feeling?

27:15 How have you had to reroute changing from being a strength coach to being a mental skills coach?

29:00 Lessons I learned from a girl that broke my heart.

32:00 How can I stop pushing away the things I need to work through?

35:15 What does training the mind mean to you?

37:50 The power of asking yourself “Who am I?”

44:00 Finding unshakable confidence.

46:00 What has the transition been like from being a pro baseball player to gym owner?

49:40 What advice do you have for those that want to become a pro baseball player?

54:00 Advice for living the best life you can TODAY.

About Ryan

One to motivate, one to drive, one to grow and become greater than his circumstances. A loving, caring, passionate, and ambitious man who seeks failure, to learn and experience from. Spreading his wealth through performance of strength and nutrition, inspiring others through his life experiences. Ryan is a former AAA baseball player with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He is currently the co-owner of Performance House Gym in Newport, KY.

IG: @ryan_atkinson14

IG: @performancehousegym


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by Michael Locasto