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by Michael Locasto
Top of Your Game

Professional Baseball to Creating Major League University with Austin Byler


What if talking about mindset and mental health was common practice? What if it wasn’t taboo? In this episode, our host Michael is joined by former Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball Player turned entrepreneur, Austin Byler. Austin is the co-founder of Major League University, a top-tier mindset and leadership company. As someone who previously used pain medications to cope with stress and anxiety, Austin knew there was a better way and has dedicated himself to helping others find healthy ways to handle life's challenges and move forward towards their purpose! Tune in to hear his story, how he has built his business, and how his life has changed because of the fulfilling work he does!

01:15 What was life like growing up to play professional baseball?

04:30 Why did you begin taking prescription painkillers?

06:40 How did abusing painkillers affect your career as a pro baseball player?

09:15 What has helped you work through depression and anxiety?

10:00 What was it like being hired for your first workshop to help athletes with mindset?

15:30 What are some steps people can do to work through anxiety and depression?

18:00 How would the world change if speaking about mental health wasn’t taboo?

22:00 What I’m learning through breathwork?

24:15 How do you help guide your clients to find what their purpose is?

28:00 How can you let go of fear, and stop living for what other people think about you?

35:25 What is the importance of strengthening your mindset, just like you work in the weight room?

38:00 How can I be present and focus on the current moment?

41:00 What is “powerful thinking”?

45:00 What is your process to help people break through their limiting beliefs?

47:15 How do you shift from thinking short-term, to focusing on long-term goals?

49:00 What is your final advice for listeners?

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About Austin:

Austin is the co-founder of Major League University. Former MiLB baseball player with the Arizona Diamondbacks

Major League University is a top-tier mindset and leadership training company. Our mission is to inspire student-athletes to become the best versions of themselves by training in three major areas: mindfulness, character, and personal development. We believe these pillars lead to sustainable success on and off the field.


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Episode 18

by Michael Locasto