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EP 10 | A Conversation with Travel Beans - Coping with Campervan Scams & Fires (Part 1 of 2)

In case you haven't discovered our close friends Alex & Emma from the Travel Beans yet, it is our absolute pleasure to introduce you to them, their wild sense of humour and magnetic energy!

Alex & Emma are fellow travel YouTubers who have been sharing their worldwide travels and adventures for the last 7 years. Along the way, they have grown a super loyal and engaged community of 250K subscribers. 

We cemented our friendship when we went on a 3-week winter road trip in Austria all together, convoying side by side in our vans, wild camping in sub-zero temperatures, and celebrating Christmas & New Year together from the comfort of our tiny homes! You can catch up on this adventure that we filmed here.  

This is part 1 of our two-part conversation with Alex & Emma, where we chat about:

  • Highlights from our Winter convoy together
  • Getting scammed with their first van purchase
  • Taking their self-converted camper to Europe
  • Buying a new van in the US for their upcoming American road trip
  • Dealing with the trauma of their last US camper van going up in flames and how it affected their mental health

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Travel, Adventure & Road Trips | Jits into the Sunset


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