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by Matty Dyas
Travel Bubble

Episode 1 - Josh Brown: Cannibals to Carnivals


From cannibal monkeys to Caribbean carnivals, Travel Bubble’s opening episode with Josh Brown doesn’t disappoint.

With choices spanning three continents and food tips that will leave your taste buds tingling, jump right in and let us take you around the world in less than an hour.

I won’t spoil the surprise of Josh’s choices for you, but I’ll drop some hints on our social media throughout the week that might give you some inklings so don’t forget to follow Travel Bubble on Facebook and Instagram on the links below.

Thanks so much to Josh for being the first ever guest and the Travel Bubble guinea pig, he put a lot of effort in to his choices and gives some in depth details that will no doubt help you with your future plans.

You can find his Instagram here (if he’ll give you access).

If you have any travel related questions for future episodes then please do get in touch on social media or you can email travelbubblepodcast@gmail.com .Also, if you have any guest suggestions or you think you’d make a good Travel Bubbler, then let me know.

Josh's top travel tip was Revolut, the must have travel currency card, brilliant both at home and abroad, you can check it out and sign up here

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Episode 1

Season 1

by Matty Dyas