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by Matty Dyas
Travel Bubble

Episode 3 - Beata Godlewska: An Experience For Your Senses


You are in for a treat with the insight-packed episode with my Polish friend and tour leader Beata Godlewska. 

Currently based in the USA and having lived in India for a few years, I knew that Warsaw-native Beata would be a perfect guest for Travel Bubble. Her choices were all well thought out and it was a pleasure to hear her enthuse about the different places she has visited.

We covered a lot of topics and a lot of ground in the episode so I’m excited for you to get listening. I won’t spoil any surprises so don’t read on and just click play if you don’t want to know more about Beata’s choices…

Spoilers Below

Here a few links to some of the topics and activities discussed in the podcast.

The museum that Beata mentioned in Paris is known as the Musee Des Arts Forains. Here’s a link to an Atlas Obscura article about it with some great photos.

During the podcast I mentioned that a must do activity in Paris is paying a visit to one of Jim Haynes’s legendary Sunday dinner parties. Sadly, after the recording of the podcast, Jim Haynes passed away, but he is truly one of life’s big characters and worth delving into a bit more about him.Here’s a link to his obituary in The Guardian.

He was also featured in ad campaign for After Eights minute, here’s a short video featuring the man himself.

Beata mentions that one of the reasons that Paris is such a draw for her is that it is the mecca for Urban Kiz. It’s a dance style that I was not familiar with so I’ve put a link to a video below to give you an idea.

On the subject of Japan, I mentioned a podcast called Hardcore History by Dan Carlin. He covers all sorts of topics but the current one I mentioned is called Supernova In The East and talks about Japan’s entry and involvement in World War 2. If you’ve got a bit of time on your hand then it’s worth a listen.

Beata’s top souvenir was a yoga mat made by the company Proyog. They do ship worldwide and here’s a link to their website.

My world movie recommendations for the week are Amores Perros (Mexico) and La Dolce Vita (Italy).

A huge thanks to Beata Godlewska for coming on the show, you can find her Instagram here
And her yoga page here

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Episode 3

Season 1

by Matty Dyas