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by Matty Dyas
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Episode 6 - Ian Wright: Buy Local, Buy Locusts.


In this episode we cover many things including being arrested by the Secret Service, the fall of the Berlin Wall, getting chased by hippos, life expectancy in an Algerian Kasbah, sitting on a balcony watching a war rage in Africa and stargazing on a rooftop in Iraq.

Nine years working as personal security for an extremely high-profile international business man as well as top UK and US government officials has meant that today’s guest, Ian Wright, has travelled all over the world. Combine this with twelve years in the military, he’s had the opportunities to visit places that not many of us would dare venture to.

A big thank you to Ian Wright for joining us, listen now to find out more about his Travel Bubble choices.

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As usual, spoilers in the show notes along with links and Travel Bubble Film Club choices.





Guest: Ian Wright @ianwright_tri

Country No.1: USA
Activity: Road trip down the East Coast
Food: Hot Dog in NYC.
Links –

Hamilton the Musical

We mentioned the series about the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s that were shown on Sky Arts


Country No.2: Germany
Activity: Trabi Tours in Berlin
Food: Currywurst

Country No. 3: Uganda
Activity: Water sports on Lake Victoria
Food: Locusts or fish from a local on the Lake
Links –
Ian mentioned the huge number of bodies that were recovered in Lake Victoria after the Rwandan genocide. This article from the BBC explains more.

The Jekyll and Hyde beer from Uganda is called Primus.

Wildcard: Thailand

Travel Bubble Film Club

Festen, Denmark (1998)

Toni Erdmann, Germany (2016)

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Episode 6

Season 1

by Matty Dyas