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True Sunlight

The Latest on Stephen Smith, SLED’s Investigation into the Murders and Russell Lafitte’s Future

True Sunlight
True Sunlight
Thank you for your patience as this episode is publishing later than usual. As I said on social media, our team is in adjustment mode after the adrenaline and the chaos of the trial slowed down and we’re all still trying to all recenter our focus. 
Now that Alex Murdaugh has been convicted in the murders of his wife and son, it’s time to take a look back on all the pieces that had to come together for the jury to deliver that guilty verdict.
In the short time since Alex Murdaugh was convicted of murdering his wife and son, a lot has happened in the wake of his sentencing. This week on Murdaugh Murders Podcast, co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell take a look at the latest criticism of the murder investigation and South Carolina Law Enforcement Division — as well as Jim Griffin’s strange post-trial social media presence and Russell Laffitte’s defeats in the courtroom.
They also talk with Sandy Smith about the next steps in finding justice for her son, Stephen Smith.

To learn more about the planned Independent Exhumation and Autopsy for Stephen, click here: http://bit.ly/3JGacec
A private medical examiner must be present from the start of the exhumation through the examination period at a cost of approximately $750 per hour. It is a huge expense, but we are hoping that with your support we can make this happen and finally get the answers we need. If you can give, we thank you for your generosity. If you cannot give, we would appreciate you sharing and praying for justice for Stephen.
We believe 2023 is Stephen's year. Thank you all again for the love and support.

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