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Trump's Trials

Trump's trials are about to collide with the political calendar

Trump's Trials
Trump's Trials
This week on Trump's Trials, guest host Miles Parks and Domenico Montanaro look at how one judge, Aileen Cannon, could be slow-walking the federal classified documents case in Florida. Delays in that case could impact the three other criminal trials Trump is facing — and put legal and political calendars ahead of the 2024 race on a collision course. Plus an update from the Georgia election case and the gag order from the New York civil fraud case.

Our guest is NYU law professor Melissa Murray.

Topics include:
- Judge Aileen Cannon's background & experience and questions about possible bias
- Why there've been delays in the Florida classified documents case
- Consequences if the Florida classified documents case is postponed
- The New York civil fraud gag order being reinstated
- Georgia prosecutors not offering plea deals to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani

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Trump's Trials
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