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by Two Hot Takes
Two Hot Takes

Moms and MILs.. We Just Scratched the Surface


TW: child loss (last story w/warning prior) 

Two Hot Takes host, Morgan, is joined by guest co-host Alejandra! They're tackling toxic MILs and moms. This one has been highly requested.. and we feel like we just began to touch on this complex and dynamic relationship... 

First up are listener write-ins! So so many of you had insane stories to share and we tried to rapid fire a few. Bonus stories are over on our Patreon! 

And then for the Reddit stories (starts at minute 18)... A woman caught her MIL trying to breastfeed her baby, a husband wants his mom to be in the delivery room, a mother suggest to her DIL that she leaves her son, a husband tells his wife his MIL can't move in with them, and last a mom suffers a loss so great due to her MIL's neglect...

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Episode 26

Season 1

by Two Hot Takes