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by Two Hot Takes
Two Hot Takes

Put Em' in Rice...


Two Hot Takes host, Morgan, is joined by guest co-hosts Justin and Jerry (DAD)! They're talking about stories where these peoples way of thinking is a bit broken or 'off'. 

First up are the light stories! A girl's boyfriend has been taking pictures of her dad, a guy finds out its not normal to have a poop knife, a girl has been peeing on her boyfriend, an individual has a mishap with his girlfriends toy, and a woman leaves her husband in the bathroom at a restaurant after he refuses to come out.

And then for the dark stories... a woman threw away pictures of her husbands deceased wife and its just coming to light because her stepdaughter wants pictures of her mom, a woman wore a white dress to her blind cousins wedding, and a guy invites his girlfriend on an expensive vacation and expects her to cover her entire share when he makes way more.

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Episode 27

Season 1

by Two Hot Takes