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by BBC Radio 4
Two Minutes Past Nine

Episode 2: The First April 19th


25 years on from the largest domestic terror incident in American history, journalist Leah Sottile and producer Georgia Catt work to understand what made Timothy McVeigh the home-grown terrorist he was – and how that informs what’s unfolding today.

In episode 2, April 19th 1775 was the day the American Revolution began. And, in some ways, the story of the Oklahoma City Bombing started that day too, 220 years before Timothy Mcveigh steered the yellow Ryder truck into Oklahoma City.

Recorded over some of the most divisive, turbulent, and quite frankly dangerous feeling months in recent American political history, Two Minutes Past Nine aims to understand the changing face of far right extremism in all its chaos and conspiracism.

Presenter: Leah Sottile
Producer: Georgia Catt



by BBC Radio 4