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Unexplained Encounters

10 NEW Real Skinwalker and Wendigo Sightings!

Unexplained Encounters
Unexplained Encounters
Skinwalkers and Wendigos are getting braver, apparently, so steel yourself every time you venture out into those woods. Enjoy these 10 NEW Real Skinwalker and Wendigo Sightings!

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0:00 INTRO
0:45 Creature in South Dakota from J=Lew314
13:32 The Thing in the Yard from Silver Bullet54
16:46 Walker Lake Wendigo from northernpacific
21:40 I Inherited a Skinwalker from Zaylei
29:42 The Skinwalker Incidents from Ed103
33:44 Wendigo Encounter in Maine from dukeof_caprisun
38:26 Southern Wendigo from Anonymous
47:00 Did I See a Wendigo or a Skinwalker from Frankmfeb13
49:43 The Thing Crawling in the Hallway from Quinn D. G.
54:58 Skinwalker on my Uncle’s Farm from Midnightcat

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Unexplained Encounters
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