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by Beyond My Battle
Unfixed Podcast

Mystery Illness, Women, and Their Care with Sarah Ramey and Brianna Cardenas


The number of illnesses that qualify as mysterious is staggering. They also predominantly affect women. In this episode, author Sarah Ramey and Physician Assistant and professor Brianna Cardenas draw from a well of wisdom as patient advocates with mystery illnesses to explore the gender inequities, biases, and systemic barriers to getting proper care. They discuss how patients must stand their ground in seeking proper care within a broken healthcare system that often tells us it's all in our heads. With no magic bullet to “slay the dragon” these women are reframing the heroes’ journey into the heroine’s journey – a process of drawing strength and wisdom from the darkness and emerging to guide others into a new paradigm that recognizes the value of being unfixed.


Episode 8

Season 2

by Beyond My Battle