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by LeanIX
Unleash IT: A Podcast About Continuous Transformation

EP 17: Leveraging Technology to Enable Citizen Engagement w/ Stephen Heard


With only about 450 people to run 20+ asset management systems for about 65 lines of business, there’s never a dull moment in IT for local government — especially during a pivot from project-based to product-based.

Recently on Unleash IT, we spoke with Stephen Heard, CTO at King County Department of Information Technology (KCIT), Washington, which encompasses the Seattle area.

Stephen and host André Christ spoke together about how IT helped local government deliver core essential services to citizens while bearing responsibility for about 65 different lines of business in the 12th largest county in the United States.

They also discussed digital transformation since March 2020, changes in consumer expectations, local government architecture, and an IT organization shift from project to product.

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by LeanIX